Proper preparation prevents poor performance - it is essential that your substrate is properly prepared before painting to ensure a good, strong decent adherence and keep your paint fresh for the season. Bayside Marine supplies a range of primers and cleaners to ensure you're all ready with minimal fuss! 

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  • Marlin ECO Water Based Transducer Antifouling - 70ml

    Marlin ECO Water Based Transducer Antifouling - 70ml

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    Marlin ECO is a water-based antifouling that has been developed specifically for the protection of transducers from the issue of fouling. There is no copper content in ECO so it will not interfere with the operation of your transducer and it complies with the indications of the major fishfinder brands. Available in black in 70ml tubs.

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  • PEELAWAY® Marine Antifoul Remover

    PEELAWAY® Marine Antifoul Remover

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    Peelaway® Marine is specially formulated to effectively remove multiple layers of anti-foul coatings with one application saving time by reducing the need for repeated scraping. Its patented water based poultice system means the product remains active and works without rapidly drying out. The special poultice blanket supplied enables stripped anti-foul paint to be collected easily and so reduces boatyard/dockside contamination risk. The light paste consistency and is easy to apply to vertical surfaces and difficult shapes. It can be applied with a brush or trowel and for larger areas an airless sprayer can be used. Always carry out a test patch before general application. Suitable for most hull types including GRP, wood, steel and concrete. 

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  • Bonda G4 Thinners - 1 Litre

    Bonda G4 Thinners - 1 Litre

    G4 Thinners is suitable for all G4 Sealants and 15 Year White. Our sealants are ready for use. When treating dense or oily woods or dense concrete the addition of thinners is recommended for the first coat. Stir thoroughly.

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  • Red Oxide Metal Primer Paint 180ml

    Red Oxide Metal Primer Paint 180ml

    High adherence! High build! High performance! Red oxide primer is a typical topcoat primer, which adheres to both interior and exterior metal surfaces, and provides a smooth protective base for overpainting

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  • Bonda Rust Primer - 1 Litre

    Bonda Rust Primer - 1 Litre

    It is a resin based zinc anti-rust coating. It forms a tough skin with a onded in anti-rust system for a long term action. It has excellent adhesion to most metals and leaves a primed surface ready to paint with all types of paint.

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  • RAL K7 Classic 215 Colour Swatch Paint Guide 2021 Edition

    RAL K7 Classic 215 Colour Swatch Paint Guide 2021 Edition

    Classic colours are used across the globe! This Jotun manufactured and branded fan deck guide contains completely accurate colour examples of 215 RAL K7 Classic colours. Each colour example is shown with its code and name in German and contains lists of all colours at the front in languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese.

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  • Bonda Wood Seal - Clear High Gloss Sealer 500 ml

    Bonda Wood Seal - Clear High Gloss Sealer 500 ml

    Bonda Seal Clear has the following uses.  For sealing all surfaces with a clear, non-yellowing  U.V. light stable non-porous-seal.  For transparent wood finishes - all types of timber flooring, wall and ceiling coverings, boats and furniture, impregnation of masonry, concrete, asbestos, cement and stone floors, coating of metal surfaces, to prevent chemical and airborne contamination, to retain the appearance of finished surfaces, preventing oxidation and tarnishing of metal.

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  • Burgess Marine Woodsealer

    Burgess Marine Woodsealer

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    Burgess Marine Hydrosol Woodsealer can be used either as a complete treatment or as a primer. It is ideal for  use on most exterior wooden and plywood surfaces on a variety of vessels . It is suitable for decking, strakes and capping rails etc. Woodsealer is a blend of synthetic copolymer resins and Ultra-Violet blocking agents that will protect your wood from ravages of the weather. It leaves amicro porous surface with a matt appearance. It will not crack or craze like varnish. Woodsealer can be used either as a complete treatment leaving a matt finish or as a primer to be over coated.

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  • Duralac Anti-Corrosive Jointing Compound 115ml

    Duralac Anti-Corrosive Jointing Compound 115ml

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    Duralac is a chromate containing jointing compound designed to inhibit electrolytic decomposition between dissimilar metals - often called galvanic corrosion. It is a single pack, air setting product. Used correctly, Duralac prevents anodic decomposition. FORM - Duralac is a free flowing paste based on a synthetic elastic resin and barium chromate. 

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  • Fertan Rust Remover

    Fertan Rust Remover

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    Fertan Rust Converter destroys rust and protects Steel. Fertan is a complex, patented tannic acid product. It offers exceptional protection against rust and is not toxic, and environmentally friendly. Fertan converts loose rust to powder which can be washed off leaving a stable and inert surface. Rust is eliminated and new formation prevented.

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  • Polymarine Letterflex PVC Lettering Paint - 125ml

    Polymarine Letterflex PVC Lettering Paint - 125ml


    Letterflex PVC Lettering Paint. A fully flexible paint formulated for renovating PVC and any other PVC variant fabric.

    • Smooth satin finish.
    • Will not crack or flake off.
    • No mixing required.
    • Touch dry in one hour.
    • Seawater and Sunlight resistant.
    • Many uses including hatch covers, PVC fenders, boatcovers, dodgers etc.
    • Supplied in 125ml containers.

    Available in Black and White

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  • Owatrol Marine Oil Paint Conditioner and Rust Inhibitor

    Owatrol Marine Oil Paint Conditioner and Rust Inhibitor

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    Deeply penetrating rust inhibitor. Pushes out moisture and air from within, stabilising rust and preventing it from returning. Paint conditioner which improves paint flow and eliminates brush marks. Improves adhesion of oil-based paints and prevents peeling. Improves coverage and uniformity of paint,up to 25% more. Eases application of finishes in difficult conditions

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  • Owatrol RA.85 Aluminium Paint Finish for All Surfaces - 500ml

    Owatrol RA.85 Aluminium Paint Finish for All Surfaces - 500ml

    RA.85 is a highly flexible, anti corrosive coating that possesses the deep penetrating and adhesion properties of OWATROL OIL*. RA.85 will restore rusted and corroded surfaces to an acceptable appearance to give lasting protection and greatly prolong the life of the treated surface. RA.85 has excellent abrasion resistance, withstands chemical attack and is ideal in aggressive climatic conditions where a high resistant finish is necessary. Originally developed for the shipping industry RA.85 became a favourite cargo hold coating; carrying approval for the carriage of grain.

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  • Owatrol Dilunett Paint And Coatings Stripper Remover

    Owatrol Dilunett Paint And Coatings Stripper Remover

    From: £27.49
    Dilunett is a solvent and paraffin free paint stripper that will remove any oil and alkyd based paint, varnish or woodstain. Dilunett’s powerful formula strips up to 8 coats of finish in just one application. Suitable for almost any surface such as wood, metal and plastic, Dilunett’s gel consistency means it will not run, making it ideal for us on vertical surfaces, elaborate plaster or wood designs that are in need of being stripped.

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  • Window Scraper

    Window Scraper

    Lynwood Window ScraperIdeal for removing excess paint, stickers and labels from glass and windows

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  • Lynwood 18mm Snap Off Cutting Knife

    Lynwood 18mm Snap Off Cutting Knife

    18mm BladeSafety lockSnap Off Blade SectionsIdeal For Cutting WallpaperCuts Through VinylThe Lynwood 18mm cutting knife is ideal for the professional decorator or DIY enthusiast

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  • Tack Cloth

    Tack Cloth

    Cloth for wiping down surfaces prior to painting to ensure a smooth finish

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  • Langlow Brush Cleaner - 500ml

    Langlow Brush Cleaner - 500ml

    A clear blue white spirit based cleaning solution of non-ionic emulsifier which is miscible with difficult to clean oil based paint residues

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  • Jotun Anti-Skid Granules - 3kg

    Jotun Anti-Skid Granules - 3kg

    Jotun Anti-skid is made up of aluminium oxide partcles. Apply as follows: Brush/roll/spray a coat of paint. Sprinkle a layer of anti-skid into the wet film using a sieve of the correct mesh size. When the paint is dry, brush off any loose particles and apply a second coat of paint.

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