Anodes are an absolute must to protect your boat from galvanic corrosion. When submerged in a conductive solution (such as salt-water) any dissimilar metals that are electrically connected can be subject to galvanic corrosion and, as a result, lead to a very large repair bill!

That's where an anode comes into play. An anode is a sacrificial metal (usually zinc or aluminium) that 'takes the hit' as it were, being sacrificed to the corrosion that would have occurred elsewhere, resulting in a very cheap, easily replaceable item.

Our anodes are available in both zinc and aluminium which are both suitable for salt water, with aluminium anodes also being suitable in brackish water. Aluminium anodes also have the distinction of being a lot lighter both in weight and on the pocket.

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  • Aluminium Shaft Anode

    Aluminium Shaft Anode

    Performance Metals Navalloy® streamlined shaft anode with 2 halves and stainless steel hardware. Nuts are pressed into the casting and bolts are captured with plastic retaining washers for easy assembly. This anode includes the exclusive, patented "red spot" wear indicator.

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