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Sailing blocks are the backbone of your rigging, and knowing that you have the right block for the right job is essential and helps keep everything running smoothly. Bayside Marine stocks a huge range of blocks from the most trusted suppliers - Barton, Selden and Nautos / Holt - so you'll definitely find what you're after here!

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  • Spreader Boot in Leather - Protect your Sail Against Abrasion

    Spreader Boot in Leather - Protect your Sail Against Abrasion

    From: £36.95
    Spreader made of UV-resistant durable leather. A rubber cord at the edge enables the boot to fit well regardless of the design of the spreaders. The interior is lined with neoprene for an especially good fit and gives a soft surface against the sail. The spreader is delivered with an extra long velcro for safe attachment and fits wide spreader arms. The spreaders are sold in pairs, available in 4 sizes.

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  • White PVC Flat / Round Spreader Boot - Pack of 2

    White PVC Flat / Round Spreader Boot - Pack of 2

    From: £7.99

    Pack of 2 white PVC anti-chafe covers. Protect your sails from chafing at cross trees and help foot of genoa over stanchions when sheeting in. Easy fitting, even after the mast has been stepped. Available as flat or round.

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  • Barton Clutch 'Cruiser' Insert Pack

    Barton Clutch 'Cruiser' Insert Pack


    A unique feature of the new Barton Rope Clutch design is the removable insert on the top face of the handle. The ‘Cruiser’ insert pack contains:

    • Main
    • Genoa 1
    • Spin halyard 1
    • Topping lift
    • Spin pole up
    • Spin pole down
    • (Blank)

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  • Barton Rope Clutch >12mm

    Barton Rope Clutch >12mm

    From: £69.95
    Manufactured from modern lightweight materials, the D0550 moulded parts are from high-grade plastics which are strong, light and impact resistant. Cams and bases are from marine grade aluminium, "Spectro" anodised for long life in the harsh marine environment.

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  • Sail Mast Centipede 8mm x 200cm

    Sail Mast Centipede 8mm x 200cm


    Sail Mast Centipede. Mast centipedes are used to secure a rolled or reefed sail to the mast or boom of your vessel. Has a nylon toggle/loop fitting for an easy fit.

    • Length: 2 Metres
    • Cord Diameter: 8mm
    • Number of Cord Pairs: 7

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  • Selden Plastic Sail Slide

    Selden Plastic Sail Slide


    Bainbridge's track slides have been carefully designed to allow compatibility with a wide range of mast sections. Design & material selection leads to trouble-free use & maximum strength even under the most arduous conditions. High strength metal slides are also available for each type of track to be used in the more highly stressed head & clew positions. Designed for Selden's range of sections.

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  • Sailguard Wheel (Pair)

    Sailguard Wheel (Pair)

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    Sailguard allow sails to roll over shrouds and lifelines and prevents snagging, they also reduce the wear and tear on sails and increases their life. Sailguard is a split plastic wheel wich is clipped onto shrouds and lifelines, It is snapped, closed and locked to ensure the wheel remains in place, Sailguard will fit wires 6mm and can be bored out to fit wires from 7mm to 9mm. Sailguard is made of a white UV stabilized plastic and is almost unbreakable.

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  • Aquabatten Untapered Endcap - 30mm

    Aquabatten Untapered Endcap - 30mm

    • Endcaps, used for untapered batten styles
    • Manufactured from nylon.
    • Spreads load at end of sail pocket.
    • For use with batten: 30CT024 / 30CT031 / 30CT044 / 30CT052
    • Width: 30mm

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  • Barton 6mm S Hook - With or Without Latch

    Barton 6mm S Hook - With or Without Latch

    From: £9.50
    • Barton 'S' hooks are a handy fitting with a multitude of uses.
    • Manufactured from stainless steel.
    • Supplied as either a plain hook or with spring latch fitted.
    • Bar Diameter: 6mm
    • Length: 73mm
    • Width: 19mm

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  • Classic Cruiser Midshipman Tiller Lock

    Classic Cruiser Midshipman Tiller Lock

    The Tiller Lock consists of a sheave and lever cam with a toothed slider mounted in a block which is fitted beneath the tiller. The rope is fitted across the after part of the cockpit with a means of keeping it under tension. When locked on to the rope the toothed slider prevents the tiller from moving in either direction. Releasing the lock (by turning the lever to port) immediately frees the tiller and allows the rope to ride freely over the sheave for manual steering. In an emergency or when the device is not required, the rope can easily be snapped out of the block by a downward pull, clearing the tiller.

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  • Davis Tiller Tamer - An Efficient Aid to Sailboat Tiller Control

    Davis Tiller Tamer - An Efficient Aid to Sailboat Tiller Control

    An Efficient Aid to Sailboat Tiller Control! It's like having an extra crew member! Maintains course with no hands, in any weather or wind conditions. Installs easily to outboard and inboard rudder tillers
    • Provides smooth, adjustable tension from fully locks to fully loose.
    • Gives improved control and feel to the tiller handle
    • No loss of cockpit space or seating
    • No need to lash the tiller when the boat is moored or tailered

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