Free Mince Pies and Christmas Draw

Free Mince Pies and  Christmas Draw

Mince pie anyone?

Covid forced many shopping habits to change as we were not able to actually visit shops in lock down, and while online sales were increased, even with some local customers discovering us for the first time from the likes of Ebay or our websites, many of you recently said you prefer the “in store” shopping experience, being able to physically look, touch and choose in person.

Many of you said you love our open days and how informative they can be on various subjects such as having a go at splicing yourselves, and be assured we have many open day workshops planned over the next few months leading up to our monumental 25th anniversary this coming spring!

So, come and say hi and have a mince pie this December, every customer will get a free entry ticket into our Christmas draw to win one of many great prizes!

Grab a hot drink and take a walk around the shop to see what’s new, what’s on offer, and look at our great Christmas gift suggestions this December.

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