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  • Gullsweep Aluminium Rod Replacement Set

    Gullsweep Aluminium Rod Replacement Set

    Aluminium rod replacement set for the gullsweep. Contains two rods and fixing screws / pins.  GS-2S contains two 1.5ft arms for the 3ft gullsweep. GS-11 contains two 3ft arms for the 6ft gullsweep.

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  • Gullsweep Bird Scarer Deterrent

    Gullsweep Bird Scarer Deterrent


    Gullsweep. If Seagulls are your problem, we have the solution... The perfect non-harmful bird scarer. Just about all the boats in the local marina have a Gullsweep (or two) fitted and guess what, Their boats are clean and seagull free! Each Gullsweep comes complete with a screw-on mount with other mounts available seperately to install Gullsweep on canvas hoods or rails, or if you do not wish to have a screw down mount.

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  • Gullsweep Canvas Pole Mount

    Gullsweep Canvas Pole Mount

    Canvas Pole Mount is designed to fit the plastic tip of most common cover support poles (Taylor Made, Taco, etc) that pass through a grommet in the cover

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  • Gullsweep Flex Mounting with Rope Loops

    Gullsweep Flex Mounting with Rope Loops


    Model GS-FMNS has four rope loops 90° apart. There is a small velcro opening in one corner of the pouch which enables the sand to be added to the pouch if desired. Normally a pouch holds 3-1/2'' cups of sand which can be acquired locally. It is great for tying down on a relatively flat surface (i.e. radar dome, console or T-tops).

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  • Gullsweep GS-RK - Retainer Kit Mount

    Gullsweep GS-RK - Retainer Kit Mount

    Add to your existing Gullsweep® for those applications when a Gullsweep® could fall off of a non-permanent mounting i.e., GS-RK pulled from a canopy might turn sideways and the Gullsweep® could slide off the center mounting pin and go over board. Unfortunately, Gullsweeps® do not float or fly.

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  • Gullsweep Side Mounting Railmount

    Gullsweep Side Mounting Railmount

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    GS-SRM - Rail Side Mounting: (Non-Permanent). Takes seconds to put in place and seconds to remove, then store when your boat is running. Available in two sizes: Small: to fit 1/2" to 1" diameter rail. Large: to fit 1/2" to 1 5/8" diameter rail

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