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Safety at Sea


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DK First Aid Manual Revised 10th Edition

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The UK's only fully authorized first aid guide is packed with step-by-step first aid advice, from emergency first aid and first aid for babies and children, to the latest guidelines on resuscitation, helping a drowning casualty, and snake bites.


In a storm at sea, luck is highly biased toward the sailor who has a plan. So write Lin and Larry Pardey in this, the third edition of their highly regarded Storm Tactics Handbook.


Here at last are the essentials for the perfect "grab bag" (that bag or canister of vital survival kit that you grab just as your boat sinks and you jump into the liferaft) categorised for coastal or offshore cruises, hot or cold climates, and short cruises versus circumnavigations:​​​​​​.


The Sea Survival Manual is the definitive book on the subject for anyone aboard an ocean-going boat of any size. It is aimed at the yachtsman or seafarer who is likely to proceed to sea out of the sight of land, whether for pleasure or professional reasons.