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Security is always paramount when leaving your vessel unattended. Bayside Marine stock a range of high quality, high security marine padlocks along with locks that'll secure your outboard and keep it safe when you're elsewhere.

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  • Abus Cobra Locking Cable

    Abus Cobra Locking Cable

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    The Abus Spun steel Cobra cables include "lasso" ends, allowing one end to be threaded through the other. The Cobra is ideal for use in conjunction with a D Lock or for attaching many bikes together.

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  • Abus Combination Padlock 75mm

    Abus Combination Padlock 75mm

    Combination design with 4 digit resettable code. Body made from forged solid brass, shackle from stainless steel and internal parts made from corrosion resistant materials. Precision locking mechanism with special protection against manipulation.

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  • Burg Wachter Rustproof Yacht Padlock

    Burg Wachter Rustproof Yacht Padlock


    Seawater proof, absolutely rustproof! Ideal for securing lockers, cabinets, etc., on boats. Plastic coating protects sensitive surfaces. Solid brass body. Stainless steel shackle

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  • Fulton Outboard 'Motor Lok' Lock

    Fulton Outboard 'Motor Lok' Lock

    The Fulton Outboard Motor Lock is an easy to install Outboard engine lock. It simply mounts over the mounting brackets of your outboard disabling the engine until you next choose to use it.

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  • Hitch Lock for Caravan and Trailer

    Hitch Lock for Caravan and Trailer

    An economical trailer and caravan hitch lock suitable for most standard non-stabiliser hitches, the lock is fitted to the unhitched trailer and fully blocks the hitch from being attached to a towball. Strong heavy duty steel box construction with two positions for the locking tongue to accomodate different sizes and styles of trailer hitch.

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  • Ifam Cable Inox Rust Resistant Padlock

    Ifam Cable Inox Rust Resistant Padlock

    Ifam Cable Inox Rust Resistant Padlock. 3,000 hour rust-proofing resistance in salt spay tests. Chrome-nickel plated extruded body. Springs and cotters all made of stainless steel. Double locking mechanism, treated against rust.

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  • Universal Coupling Lock

    Universal Coupling Lock

    Universal coupling lock. For caravans and trailers. Guards against theft or caravans and trailers. Advanced locking mechanism for improved security.

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