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  • 8 Piece Tie Down Set

    8 Piece Tie Down Set

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    8 pce Tie Down SetSafe, Secure, TightQuick automatic releaseIdeal for cars,trucks, boats and motor cycles2 x 2

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  • Jumbo Chamois Leather 5sq. Feet

    Jumbo Chamois Leather 5sq. Feet

    Super Soft Chamois Leather - First Grade QualityLarge 5 square feetThis hand selected cod oil tanned chamois is ideal for fast drying to a brilliant shinePerfect for use on all motor vehicles and bicycles also on windows and furniture 

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  • Reusable Moisture Trap

    Reusable Moisture Trap

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    Reusable Moisture TrapControl excess moisture with this handily designed de-humidifier boxProlonged exposure to moisture and condensation can lead to mildew & mold, musty odours and even rustThe narrow design allows it to be placed on window sills, car parcel shelves or cupboardsSimply position in a suitable place to collect up to 500g (approx) of moisture day or nightIdeal for caravans & motorhomes, cars, boats, kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, wardrobes, cupboards & even drawersRefill bags available for long lasting use! (check below in the 'You may also like' section)

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