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Y-Piece Water Manifold

Y-Piece Water Manifold

Y-Piece Water Manifold

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This is a new Water Manifold and has been carefully designed to reduce the weight and cost associated with traditionally fabricated water system manifolds.

The complete Y-Piece operates with hose sizes of 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2" and is designed to simply cut it down to size.

Alternatively, you can make up your own system by attaching any of the three components together as required using an appropriate adhesive or plastic weld.

Designed to take double Jubilee Clips.

  • Polypropylene 3015 Impact Copolymer.
  • High Impact strength.
  • Excellent resistance to low.temp. Brittleness.
  • Good stiffness.
  • Melt Index: 2 g/10min    ISO1133
  • Density: 0.90 g/cm3    ISO1183
  • Melting Point    -----    DSC
  • Heat Deflection Point: 110c    ISO75
  • Viacat Softening Temp: 145c    ISO306
  • Tensile Strength at Yield: 280 Kg/cm2    ISO527
  • Tensile Elongation at Break: 450%    ISO527
  • Rockwell Hardness: 95 (R-Scale)    ISO2039
  • Flexural Modulus: 11'200 Kg/cm2    ISO178
  • IZOD Impact Strength: 50 Kg.cm/cm notch    ISO180 @ 23c
  • 13 Kg.cm/cm notch: ISO180 @ -20c
  • Mould Shrinkage: 1.3 / 1.7%    FPC Method.

(The details given in this spec sheet are standard value but not specification guaranteed. Yungsox 3015 resin meets FDA requirements in code of regulations 21 CFR177.1520 for food contact. Yungsox 3015 is certificated with UL94HP - E216959)
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